Home Decor Ideas

What is a home without beautiful decor? Decor just makes the house charming. It can make your house look better than before, it will serve as a good background for pictures, it will make kids enthusiastic and parties can be fun if the house is decorated. Especially if you follow a theme, the house will look aesthetic. Along with these, the home decor also plays a vital role in determining the mood and vibe of the place. It is said that the decor has its influence on the mood of the people living in that particular house. So it is necessary to focus on home decor.

Good and decent home decor gets you rid of troublesome nightmares, anxiety, and stress. Coming to troublesome nightmares, it reminds of dream catchers in the versatile hangings section at Trogons. We bestow dream catchers in varied colors and designs which can protect you from all the evil powers and add beauty to your house.

Coming to the wall hangings section, you can find three distinct types of paintings. They are traditional tanjore paintings, mural paintings, and dot paintings. Tanjore paintings are mostly of Gods and Goddesses, they are a classical art form. Tanjore paintings portray divinity, decency, and loveliness. Mural paintings can be attached directly to your wall, it fits perfectly making the wall wonderful. Dot paintings are uniques and appealing, they comprise mostly of mandala art which grants enlightenment, peace, healing, prayer, and wholeness.

The showpieces section contains a lot of prepossessing products, which can pleasingly decorate your house. You can find laughing buddha, feng shui evil aye tree, wooden Ganapati, horse, elephant, love swan pair, couple set, crystal taj mahal, etc., to make your home look astounding.

Decor lights are the best part, they are totally captivating. There are several designs of lovely couples, Gods, and Goddesses. They are absolutely engaging and can lighten up the house even more.

In this way, Trogons can help in decorating your house by making it a much aesthetic place to live in!

Indian artisans and handmade products India

Artisans play a significant role in representing the Indian culture, ethos and traditions. Artists with their detailed investment of passion and patience, make flourish the  beauty of several handmade products, holding strong resemblance across the length and breadth of the Indian culture. Over the years, rural and ancient craftsmen developed their skills learning to make different shapes and patterns. Thousands of years ago, artists learned to make simple pots. They used high temperature oven in order to harden the clay. 

Indian craftsmen put use of fine gemstones, silver and gold to create intricate jewelleries ranging from necklaces, earrings and bracelets among many more. Local artisans have hardened their skills to make varied sorts of items such as tools and sculptures. They use fine pieces of wood, granules of glass, gems, shells, and metals in the creation of aesthetic and shiny designs to decorate items like  wall hangings, room decoratives and musical instruments.

The artisan sector creates peace, building a system of support, a strong and independent community, preserving ancient culture. The skill development and independent techniques fosters in their works and in their craft in it’s own right. Bolstering artisans exerts and impactful effect directly on the community as a whole. They are empowered with training, knowledge and skills, furthermore enhancing handcrafted production and elevating the community to a whole new high. The holistic approach fundamentally enhances handmade craftsmanship and their socioeconomic status.

Ours is a creative space to host and display the best of the handmade creations by several rural artisans. Almost every product meeting the sight renders love and skill. Each product available is a celebration of thoughtfulness and effort an artisan puts into their respective craft. Our artisans lay their skilled hands into making/shaping/structuring and producing  products making use of several eco-friendly components available right before them as a gift of  nature. They make use of each and every granular component with their innovative ideas and vision. Thereby creating some of the most valuable, authentic and auspicious catching household and decorative serving various day to day purpose. Each representing a respective Indian culture and tradition. These products are a display of unique craftsmanship, having it’s own set of characteristics to admire.

Drop by our website, join hands and discover a world full of handcrafted wonderment.

Shop according to your moods

Here at trogons we offer you different moods to choose your products on:

1. Decorous

The products for this mood are light and can be used for decorative purposes. They are for daily decorations and are suitable for almost interiors and designs. The collection includes idols,fragrance kits and Feng Shui showpieces.


This home decor collection includes products for a romantic night out or dinner time. It can also be a special gift for your loved one. The collection includes heart shaped candles, Love swans,couple showpieces and Jewelry boxes.


This home decor collection features all our products exclusively consisting of God idols and products that add spiritual ambience to your Pooja room or house. It features exclusive idols of Lord Shiva,Buddha and much more.


This mood includes all products for your festivities and celebrations. Starting from golu dolls to Rakhis we have it all


This home decor collection includes products for your daily use like, mugs, accessories,bangles and necklace sets. It gives a serene and blissful aura and can be used for making your life more colourful.

Why do Hindus worship idols?

Idolatry refers to the worship of an idol, statue or a figurine. The practice of worshipping idols in Indian culture runs way back in history. Gradually idols became more than just a form of worship and deeply set its roots into arts and culture. Idol making became a prominent culture and way of representing a place and its tradition. Today we have various styles of art and idols. Many of them are traditions skills carried forward by generations of artists.

The idea of worshipping idols has often been sought as a belief in ‘pseudo-god’ and so on. However to understand and grasp the entire ideology behind idol worship, one must indulge themselves in the deep science behind it. As we all are aware idols are made with various different types of stones, wood and materials and according to science each atom holds its own energy. This can be compared to one of a magnet. For say we have a magnet and we know there is something about its presence that changes the surrounding. High power electricity can be generated by mere magnets. This shows the power that an atom contains and each particle of the solar system contains its own energy.

When we pick a stone or wood and craft it into something, it has the capacity to have an energy of its own. By drawing our energy into it and worshipping it we combine it with our energy and vibrations. Scientifically these vibrations are absorbed by the idol and they in turn give out vibrations of certain frequency. The vibrations given out by these idols are powerful and hold a lot of intensity. Often people use these vibrations while praying and meditation. Various materials, stones and wood have different frequencies and divine energy. Added to this is that the physical manifestation of something helps people focus on it more and gives more proof to its existence. However it must not be confused that god is the idol instead it is just a way and display of his presence of the deity. Each idol holds strong meaning and significance.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui, traditionally originating from China, an ancient practice believed to chanellise energy forces to harmonize human beings with their surrounding environment. Chinese artists have been using symbols of flowers, plants, animals and birds as a synonym for good luck prolifically over centuries.

Feng Shui, a heritage aimed at sculpting and capturing auspicious forces, binding humanity and the universe together. The significance of Feng Shui lies in balancing positive energies, warding off evil eyes and maximizing natural flow.

Over the years, the essence of Feng Shui has found its relevance in India as well. Figurines and sculptures are placed to attract good luck.

One such Feng Shui figurine has been sculptured in the form of the Tortoise, signifying longevity of life, happiness and prosperity. It further symbolises love among near and dear ones, along with protection and immunity from toxicity. The Tortoise has been sought after by many. As per Chinese mythology, the Tortoise survives feeding on water three times longer than that of a Crane.

Evil eye on the other hand plays a metaphor of the traditional Feng Shui cure, denoting the stimulation of good luck. Eradicating negativity, warding off evil energies has been the fundamental purpose. Evil eyes are atypically embellished as wall hangings and key chains at homes. This is to attract and capture positive flow of energies from the universe. 

Another such Feng Shui figurine is the Laughing Buddha. Although it is used as  a decorative in most homes and offices; the ever so happy and joyous spirit of the laughing man adds and creates a bit of vibrancy and euphoria as Feng Shui energy. The Laughing Buddha is strongly regarded as the Chinese folklore deity that brings in prosperity, wealth and luck. The Laughing Buddha greets energies and activates them all across. The god of wealth has an authentic peaceful presence, a vintage holding the essence of purity and serenity. Laughing Buddha makes for a great gift for one’s good health and wealth.

Embellish your home with the best of Feng Shui figurines and sculptures and harmonize the walls of your interiors.

Enhance  your house with skilfully carved and sculpted products which sturdily hold the essence and positivity of Feng Shui.

Visit our website, take a stroll across every Feng Shui product available and made accessible to your reach.

Evil Eye products online in India

Evil eye products, ever heard of it? So many are unaware of the evil eye concept actually. The evil eye is a toxic impact from malicious stares that sprung out of jealousy, hatred, and envy. It is believed that this malevolent glare has the power to bring harm, or bad luck to the one aimed at. 

The concept of the evil eye is predominantly popular in the Mediterranean and West Asia. It is believed that receiving this look of the evil eye is not so encouraging. It can turn things up and down leaving you in vast chaos. 

Evil eye products are quite different from the evil eye. They seem to provide protection. They serve as great gifts to friends and family. These symbolize your love and care you have for the other person. It is said that if you gift evil eye to any person you want them to be safe, secured, and protected from all the evil forces working against them.

Isn’t this lovely? Such an amazing way to show your love, right? Trogons contain some appealing evil eye products such as evil eye butterfly tree, evil eye flower tree , evil eye Ganesha hanging, evil eye dolphin and turtle hanging, evil eye Ganesha keychain, swan , peacock , turtle keychain, and more exciting products.

Check evil eye products at Trogons

Navaratri Golu Dolls

The eminence of culture is portrayed by its festivals, true right? They spread bliss, insight, and love. Such a magnificent festival is Navaratri. It is a Hindu festival celebrated for nine continuous days and signifies the victory of good over evil. It is observed in several parts of India. Another fascinating thing about this festival is a specific color is worn every day which is dedicated to Goddess and that carries a unique predominance. People seem to fast during Navaratri and worship nine avatars of Goddess Durga on nine respective days. The fasting will be ended by puja on the last day. 

Navaratri Golu is another alluring event of the festival. Golu is the representation of decorative dolls, figurines of human beings, and idols of Gods and Goddesses. All these idols and dolls are arranged in steps and horizontal manner. These are represented to convey a general theme, narrating about a legend from a Hindi text or cultural context. Navaratri Golu is not just a representation of Gods and culture, it also thematically depicts social events like marriage, village shandy, and public gathering. Golu is referred to as ‘bommala koluvu’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and as Bombe Habba in Karnataka.

Several rituals are followed on the days of Navaratri Golu. People choose to take a head bath in the early hours of the day and will wear clean clothes. They will alter food habits by excluding non-veg, onion, and garlic. Flowers will be offered daily in front of the display of idols and dolls. Lighting lamp every morning and evening is also a significant action. 

Golu dolls can face east, north or west, but should not face south. Nine racks are the maximum count if you can’t make it to 9, you can pick up any odd number not exceeding 9. 

Sprinkling Navaratri with elegance and charm by placing appealing golu dolls will load you with bliss. 

Check out some pleasing and glorious golu dolls at trogons. 

You will find cute baby Krishna dolls, the majestic Shiva and Parvathy dolls, the royal Tirupati Balaji and Padmavathi dolls, Bala Tripura Sundari Devi idol, the alluring Radha Krishna dolls, beautiful odissi, kathkali, dandiya, garba and mohiniattam dancing dolls, ecstatic nadaswaram set of dolls, eye-feasting set of bride and groom dolls, lovely Meenakshi Sundareswarar dolls, adorable brother and sister dolls, Aandal dolls, and many more!!!

So what are you waiting for? Grab these magnificent dolls and make light up your Navratri even more.

Top 10 gift piece ideas

Want to gift your loved ones something special but just can’t think of what to buy? Don’t worry we have prepared just the right list for you! These are the top ten types of products you must have a look at for gifting.


The aura and ambience of a house depends a lot on the interior designing and showpieces displayed. Here at trogons we present you with various types of showpieces for various occasions. Starting from wooden dolls and carvings to Polyresin keep ins. Each showpiece holds a significance and is often a positive addition to a new house.

2.Candles and fragrance sets.

Who doesn’t love smelling amazing? Our collection of Scented Candles and Fragrance sets are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Each fragrance has a deep story and sense of feeling. Fragrances stand as one the worlds most popular gift items. Check out our exquisite collection.

3.Coffee mugs

Mugs are a great way to show your feelings for someone. With special words and pictures on them they make a great gift!

4. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way to add elegance to the house. The significance of wall art has increased considerably and interior designers emphasize on using wall art. It serves as one of the best home décor and gifts.

5. Key Chains and Key holders

Key chains remain are one of the most innovative and affordable way to gift someone. They are available in various colours and fashions.

6.Fruit baskets

Fruit baskets are a great way to decorate tables and also a great way to inculcate healthy eating habits. Pick any unique one from our collection and surprise your friends and family with this unique gift

7.Flower Vase

Flowers have great scents and tend to lighten and brighten the mood in any room. Get any one from our great vase collection today!


Love collecting new items for your kitchen? Good for you as we have the most exclusive collection of kitchenware for you! They make great gifts and are also useable so never go to a waste.


Want to gift your kids something cute and special? Penstands are the perfect choice. They come in various types and a great way to organize a messy table.


Accessories are one the ideal gifts because they suffice for all ages and types of people. They come in various styles and colours and often match up to everyone’s personality uniquely.