Here at trogons we offer you different moods to choose your products on:

1. Decorous

The products for this mood are light and can be used for decorative purposes. They are for daily decorations and are suitable for almost interiors and designs. The collection includes idols,fragrance kits and Feng Shui showpieces.


This home decor collection includes products for a romantic night out or dinner time. It can also be a special gift for your loved one. The collection includes heart shaped candles, Love swans,couple showpieces and Jewelry boxes.


This home decor collection features all our products exclusively consisting of God idols and products that add spiritual ambience to your Pooja room or house. It features exclusive idols of Lord Shiva,Buddha and much more.


This mood includes all products for your festivities and celebrations. Starting from golu dolls to Rakhis we have it all


This home decor collection includes products for your daily use like, mugs, accessories,bangles and necklace sets. It gives a serene and blissful aura and can be used for making your life more colourful.

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