Feng Shui, traditionally originating from China, an ancient practice believed to chanellise energy forces to harmonize human beings with their surrounding environment. Chinese artists have been using symbols of flowers, plants, animals and birds as a synonym for good luck prolifically over centuries.

Feng Shui, a heritage aimed at sculpting and capturing auspicious forces, binding humanity and the universe together. The significance of Feng Shui lies in balancing positive energies, warding off evil eyes and maximizing natural flow.

Over the years, the essence of Feng Shui has found its relevance in India as well. Figurines and sculptures are placed to attract good luck.

One such Feng Shui figurine has been sculptured in the form of the Tortoise, signifying longevity of life, happiness and prosperity. It further symbolises love among near and dear ones, along with protection and immunity from toxicity. The Tortoise has been sought after by many. As per Chinese mythology, the Tortoise survives feeding on water three times longer than that of a Crane.

Evil eye on the other hand plays a metaphor of the traditional Feng Shui cure, denoting the stimulation of good luck. Eradicating negativity, warding off evil energies has been the fundamental purpose. Evil eyes are atypically embellished as wall hangings and key chains at homes. This is to attract and capture positive flow of energies from the universe. 

Another such Feng Shui figurine is the Laughing Buddha. Although it is used as  a decorative in most homes and offices; the ever so happy and joyous spirit of the laughing man adds and creates a bit of vibrancy and euphoria as Feng Shui energy. The Laughing Buddha is strongly regarded as the Chinese folklore deity that brings in prosperity, wealth and luck. The Laughing Buddha greets energies and activates them all across. The god of wealth has an authentic peaceful presence, a vintage holding the essence of purity and serenity. Laughing Buddha makes for a great gift for one’s good health and wealth.

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