Want to gift your loved ones something special but just can’t think of what to buy? Don’t worry we have prepared just the right list for you! These are the top ten types of products you must have a look at for gifting.


The aura and ambience of a house depends a lot on the interior designing and showpieces displayed. Here at trogons we present you with various types of showpieces for various occasions. Starting from wooden dolls and carvings to Polyresin keep ins. Each showpiece holds a significance and is often a positive addition to a new house.

2.Candles and fragrance sets.

Who doesn’t love smelling amazing? Our collection of Scented Candles and Fragrance sets are the perfect gift for your loved ones. Each fragrance has a deep story and sense of feeling. Fragrances stand as one the worlds most popular gift items. Check out our exquisite collection.

3.Coffee mugs

Mugs are a great way to show your feelings for someone. With special words and pictures on them they make a great gift!

4. Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a great way to add elegance to the house. The significance of wall art has increased considerably and interior designers emphasize on using wall art. It serves as one of the best home décor and gifts.

5. Key Chains and Key holders

Key chains remain are one of the most innovative and affordable way to gift someone. They are available in various colours and fashions.

6.Fruit baskets

Fruit baskets are a great way to decorate tables and also a great way to inculcate healthy eating habits. Pick any unique one from our collection and surprise your friends and family with this unique gift

7.Flower Vase

Flowers have great scents and tend to lighten and brighten the mood in any room. Get any one from our great vase collection today!


Love collecting new items for your kitchen? Good for you as we have the most exclusive collection of kitchenware for you! They make great gifts and are also useable so never go to a waste.


Want to gift your kids something cute and special? Penstands are the perfect choice. They come in various types and a great way to organize a messy table.


Accessories are one the ideal gifts because they suffice for all ages and types of people. They come in various styles and colours and often match up to everyone’s personality uniquely. 

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