The eminence of culture is portrayed by its festivals, true right? They spread bliss, insight, and love. Such a magnificent festival is Navaratri. It is a Hindu festival celebrated for nine continuous days and signifies the victory of good over evil. It is observed in several parts of India. Another fascinating thing about this festival is a specific color is worn every day which is dedicated to Goddess and that carries a unique predominance. People seem to fast during Navaratri and worship nine avatars of Goddess Durga on nine respective days. The fasting will be ended by puja on the last day. 

Navaratri Golu is another alluring event of the festival. Golu is the representation of decorative dolls, figurines of human beings, and idols of Gods and Goddesses. All these idols and dolls are arranged in steps and horizontal manner. These are represented to convey a general theme, narrating about a legend from a Hindi text or cultural context. Navaratri Golu is not just a representation of Gods and culture, it also thematically depicts social events like marriage, village shandy, and public gathering. Golu is referred to as ‘bommala koluvu’ in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and as Bombe Habba in Karnataka.

Several rituals are followed on the days of Navaratri Golu. People choose to take a head bath in the early hours of the day and will wear clean clothes. They will alter food habits by excluding non-veg, onion, and garlic. Flowers will be offered daily in front of the display of idols and dolls. Lighting lamp every morning and evening is also a significant action. 

Golu dolls can face east, north or west, but should not face south. Nine racks are the maximum count if you can’t make it to 9, you can pick up any odd number not exceeding 9. 

Sprinkling Navaratri with elegance and charm by placing appealing golu dolls will load you with bliss. 

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