Sitting Laughing Buddha in orange color


Beautiful Laughing Buddha to bring good luck, prosperity, wealth, luck, abundance and overall happiness in life. Ideal for home, office, business, and a perfect gift for your loved ones

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The laughing buddha brings happiness, prosperity, wealth, health, luck and fortune. He fulfills all the wishes of a person and blesses them with contentment and satisfaction. Keeping the laughing buddha in your home brings positivity and joy in life. Feng shui practitioners believe that use of such products at home and office brings happiness and fortune in one’s life. Also, the Money Frog is said to attract wealth, fortune and also spreads good energy.

The statue is of vibrant orange colour which generates happiness around you. This cute statue of sitting laughing buddha symbolizes blessing in all areas of life and enhance positive energy in the home or work place.The Money Frog is such a strong symbol of prosperity that it is used extensively to attract wealth . Laughing Buddha with Money Frog figurine is believed to bring you sudden bursts of windfall luck .This statue is made of excellent quality and has high durability. So grab this amazing piece and enjoy the flavours of love, peace, health and wealth !

Product Specification

Primary Material – Polyresin
What is inside the box – One laughing buddha statue
Care Instructions – Clean with soft cloth
Dimension – 22×30 cm (D*H)
Weight – 3250 grams

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Additional information

Weight 3315 g
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 32 cm


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