Thai Benjarong Elephant


Add a touch of Thai culture with this classy piece. Thai Benjarong Elephant is hand painted and very delicately detailed

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Benjarong is a made of painted Thai porcelain. Pure Gold is used in this elephant. The name means ‘ five colours’ however, the piece can have 3-8 colours. This Thai Benjarong Elephant is hand painted and made by skilled artisians. In the 13th – 18th century, Benjarong porcelain was exclusively made for the royal court.
Colours on Benjarong pieces are of good quality and donot fade away. The gold, red, green and blue colours on the showpiece make it more beautiful. Also, the elephant depicts wisdom, strength and power. This Thai Benjarong Elephant is hand painted and very delicately detailed.
Most people use it as a precious gift on special occasions such as wedding or New Year’s day. You can also adorn your living room or bedroom with this masterpiece !
Love different cultures ? Curious to know more about them ?
Your first step is to get this Benjarong Elephant home ! It adds a touch of Thail culture and is a classy piece !
Come Forward, Be the First one to Be Unique !

Product Specification

Primary Material – Thai ceramic porcelain
What is inside the box – One Benjarong Elephant
Care Instructions – Wipe with clean soft cloth,
Dimension – 8×4×6 cm (L*B*H )
Weight -55 gms.

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Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 8 cm


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