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The Lord Vishnu idol is an amazing home decor item which gives power to the owner. Vishnu is a highly worshiped deity in Hinduism. He is a powerful god who protects the Universe and keeps it moving and recreating. The Lord Vishnu statue is a beautiful home decor item that will bless your home and bring happiness. A perfect statue to decorate your living space and gifting purpose. The statue is handcrafted by skilled artisans and made to perfection. This is an ideal decorative item to keep in home temples, living rooms and drawing rooms. It can be gifted on special occasions to loved ones! Buy this radiant Lord Vishnu idol and bring home prosperity and joy!

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The Lord Vishnu idol symbolises eternal power and strength and gives the same to the owner of it ! Lord Vishnu is regarded as the Protector of the Universe. He keeps the world moving and is called the Preserver. He has many forms such as Krishna and Rama. Lord Vishnu represents goodness and power. Vishnu gives energy to the Universe and it’s people.

The Lord Vishnu statue will protect your house from negative energies by creating a divine shield for it. The mystical vibes will increase by the presence of the Lord Vishnu idol. The idol shows Lord Vishnu lying down and shows the majestic appearance of Vishnu. This is an ideal home decor item choice. It can be kept in the temple, on a table or shelf in the living room. It suits all types of constructions and interior. The strongly positive vibes of the Lord Vishnu idol will render spirituality and power to you. By praying to the statue, all the bad luck and obstacles will be overthrown. The strength of Vishnu will induce energy into you.

The idol is handcrafted by skilled men using detailed techniques and precision. The care and attention given during the making of the statue is great. The excellent craftsmanship of the idol is valuable and rare. This is also a perfect gift for your loved ones. Use it as a gifting item on birthdays, anniversaries and house warming parties. Show your regard for people by gifting them an exquisite Vishnu idol.

Buy the Vishnu idol and invite home happiness, health and wealth. Earn the blessings of the god to live a spiritual, joyful and devoted life.

Product Specifications

Primary Material – Gypsum,concrete and Plaster of Paris
What is inside the box – One Lord Vishnu Idol
Care Instructions – Clean with soft cloth.
Dimension – 13cm*5cm*10cm(L*B*H)
Weight -100 grams

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