Swirl design wind chimes- 85 Cm Long


Wind chime to bring home positive enery with their melodious soound. The music produced by this makes you feel relaxed and pleasant.

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Sit back on your chair and relax, lost in the melody of this wind chime ! Absolutely mesmerising !
Wind chime is an instrument which creates melodious and pleasing sounds with the blow of wind. The music produced by it is soothing, mesmerizing and peaceful. It gives happiness to the body, mind and soul. This charming and beautiful wind chime has beads, metal balls and wooden accent.
The wind chime brings about positivity and joy through it’s subtle and melodious sound. You can hang this in your living room, lobby, entrance or bedroom. So, get this wind chime for yourselves to enjoy the taste of light and happy music ! Its an amazing item for gifting to loved ones !
Burn stress, relax and feel great with this simple yet unique wind chime !

Product Specification

Primary Material – Metal and Wood
What is inside the box – One Wind Chime
Care Instructions – Clean with soft cloth
Dimension – 15×85 cm (D*H)
Weight – 820 grams

Additional information

Weight 885 g
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 40 cm


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